A turnkey nutraceutical sales and service platform for healthcare providers

Support for practitioners, patients, and your growing practice.

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Support for your practice, to impact more lives

TheraSci helps improve health outcomes for as many patients as possible. We provide healthcare practitioners the tools and support to efficiently and effectively meet the growing demands of their patients. We streamline the supplement sales and delivery process to help get high-quality, provider-recommended products to patients quickly, so they feel better faster, and you continue to grow your practice.

$230 Billion

projected value of global nutraceutical market by 2027
US consumers reported taking dietary supplements
Current supplement consumers increasing number, dose(s), and/or frequency of use since COVID-19

Nutraceutical sales with concierge services

TheraSci’s in clinic and online (ICON) sales and service platform is simple, flexible, and customizable to meet your practice needs. Whether you are interested in opening an online store, selling only out of your clinic, or both, we provide you with the tools and support to streamline the process while maintaining practice efficiency, maximizing profitability, and optimizing patient health outcomes.
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Private Label

Grow your brand

You have the option of offering TheraSci brand supplements to your patients or creating your own private label as part of our service platform. We facilitate and support the entire private label process, reducing administrative burden so you have less stress and more patients.