Innovative, exclusive, and effective formulas

Our formulas use unique ingredients at clinically relevant doses to ensure reliable and reproducible results.

Reliable Potency

We prioritize enhanced bioavailability

The bioavailability of our formulas is key to supporting their nutrients’ potential. Using patented Albion® chelated minerals that improve absorption and activated B vitamins (in the form ready to use by the body) help ensure maximum results. We guarantee our products reflect the dosage and ingredient levels demonstrated by the most current scientific research, to promote optimal effectiveness.

Effective Delivery

The right formula only works with effective strength and stability

Supplement delivery is vital to achieving the best possible result for your patients, which is why we employ a variety of strategies to allow formulas to be dispensed and absorbed at the ideal time and location within the body. Many of our formulas are encapsulated in HPMC generation II, vegetable capsules with quick dissolve technology. Others utilize acid-resistant HPMC capsules or enteric-coated softgels for ingredients that are sensitive to stomach acids. These controlled-release technologies encourage optimum effectiveness and results.

Quality Control

We test so everything is right the first time

The quality and safety of all raw materials, components, and products are ensured when they arrive, and all finished formulas are tested and verified for their identity, purity, potency, and composition before they leave the facility. From testing for heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic, to a wide variety of other potential contaminants (such as residual solvents, pesticides, PCBs, etc.), we ensure quality in every step during the formulation process.

Superior Packaging

We ensure convenience and stability for even the most sensitive formulas

Some formulas can be especially sensitive to oxygen and moisture, affecting their stability, potency, and effectiveness. We utilize a variety of packaging methods to maintain product integrity. Individual nitrogen-purged blister packs and sachets dispense one capsule at a time, without exposing remaining product contents to light and air to ensure optimum formula potency. We also offer daily dose packs that include multiple supplements in one convenient package to make it easier for your patients and improve adherence.